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Free evaluation lenses

If you are not sure about the type of lens or the parameters to order, you can request a free evaluation lens. This feature is only available to registered users. If you are not yet a HERZ partner, you can register for free here.

To request an evaluation lens, browse our catalog and select the type of geometry you desire. If there are trial lenses available for a particular geometry, you will see the symbol in the corresponding table.

Click the symbol to see a list of available sets. Select a set and then click on a lens to request it.

You can request up to 6 lenses this way. All the lenses requested within the same day will be grouped and shipped together. It will not be possible to request additional lenses until they are returned.

Conditions for the use and return of evaluation lenses

  • The lenses must be returned within the agreed time and in the same condition in which they were sent, i.e. with the surfaces free from scratches, abrasions or partial breakages.
  • As a result of the continuing Covid-19 emergency, the following is recommended: the lenses, after use with the patient, must be subjected to adequate disinfection and subsequently neutralized with the peroxide method.
  • Do not leave removed evaluation lenses soaked in fluorescein.
  • Store the evaluation lenses strictly dry in the primary container. Do not add preservative or saline solution.

In the absence of these requirements, the lenses will be returned and credited at the evaluation price relating to the type of lens according to the current price list.