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Our lenses

Each of our lenses is manufactured using only high precision lathes, and then finished manually with the utmost care. Every parameter is meticulously checked by members of the HERZ team to ensure the quality your patients deserve.

Thanks to parameters customization, quality materials, a wide range of geometries and cutting precision we can guarantee you a lens that fits perfectly to the eye for which it was designed.


Browse the HERZ catalog: you will find a lens suitable for every need and the widest freedom of customization. All our lenses, both RGP and soft, can be made with both spherical and toric back or front surfaces.


The new OMEGA CL are lenses for nocturnal orthokeratology that allow you to compensate for the refractive defects of myopia, hyperopia and astigmatism through programmed use.

OMEGA CL lenses were designed and developed by optometrists Giuseppe Toffoli and Mirko Chinellato and are manufactured and distributed by HERZ.

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